Veronica K. - YELP 6/15/2017

I love this place! It's going to be one of my new favorites. My husband and I came here with another couple based on their recommendation. We're so glad we did. The place was cozy and charming in an old school way. It felt like we were going over to a family member's house for dinner instead of a restaurant. The seating is very tight and the muted lighting gives the place a more intimate atmosphere. 

I ordered the Emberburger which is a half pound sirloin beef patty served with a salad and fries. I substituted onion rings for the fries which were awesome! My hamburger was cooked to perfection. This usually isn't the case at most places when I order my burger well done. (I don't like any pink in the middle.) And that's how my burger was yet it was still juicy. My husband ordered the ribs which he loved. They were so tender that they fell off the bone when he barely touched it with a knife. Everything was so good. Next time I want to try their steak.  

Our waitress was quite a character. She looked like she had been working there forever. She was also friendly and efficient. The service was great. The owner of the restaurant even stopped by our table and asked us how everything was. He recognized the couple we were with because they had been in before. I really liked how friendly and easy-going everyone was here.  The prices were very reasonable. My burger was $10.95 (it was $1 extra for the onion rings instead of the fries), but it came with a pretty decent-sized salad, too. Great food, great service and great location. What more can you ask for? They also have parking in the back. I can't wait until the next time.

Jessica R. - YELP 7/15/17

This place is a go-to for me and has been for years. Just about every American restaurant anymore serves steak but they don't necessarily serve a good steak. Not only is it locally owned and been in business for decades, the owner comes around and personally greets tables. The Cajun Shrimp appetizer is always phenomenal, always comes with a loaf of bread for the delicious sauce, but instead of using the bread I save the sauce for my steak. I'm partial to the London broil but splitting meals with some friends, I decided to go for the steak and lobster tail. EXCELLENT CHOICE! I cannot eat an overcooked lobster tail and this one was steamed to perfection with just the right amount of seasoning. The salad that comes with each entrée and that creamy garlic salad dressing is the bomb. If you haven't been to this little hole in the wall, I highly recommend you do so...immediately! A+

Bryan S. - YELP 2/12/17

My wife and I dined here last night (Saturday) we arrived shortly after 6:00pm and the place was busy. We parked in the back parking lot and walked in. We were greeted right away by a lady that told us we're to go out our name in.   We had a little bit of a wait so we headed to the bar area for a few drinks. My wife had a few glasses of wine and I had some beers. The bartenders were very friendly and it didn't take long to get drinks even though they were very busy. We waited about 30 minutes at the bar before we were seated. Not too bad at all for a Saturday night in Des Moines.   Once seated the service was great. The waitress was fast and helpful. The food was excellent. I had the filet and my wife had a sirloin. The broiled shrimp that came with the filet was excellent as well.  Both the bread and salad that come with the meals were very good. The creamy garlic dressing was very good as well.   At the end of our meal the owner came to the table to ask us how everything was and thank us for coming in. He shook both my hand and my wife's and thanked us for coming in.  He came back as we were walking out to thank us again for coming in.  This was our first time in and won't be the last. We both really enjoyed the food, atmosphere and friendly service.